Twin Ponds Mystery Series

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Is the past ever really past?
Can you truly ever trust anyone?
These are the questions Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth must face when she is suddenly confronted with a past she thought she’d long ago left behind.

As the first female elected sheriff of Clarke County, Maine, Cammie has finally found peace in her life. However, that peace is shattered when hockey legend Eli Kelley suddenly returns to Twin Ponds. He and Cammie were once involved, and when he left to pursue a sports career, he left with a secret that almost destroyed her. When he is found murdered and Cammie is forced to make an arrest, the finger of guilt from the townspeople turn to her. Racing against time, Cammie must prove not only that she is innocent, but that the one person she doesn’t want to believe is guilty may very well be a killer.


Echoes of Twin Ponds’ past reaches out to the present with disastrous results. Two people have died in mysterious circumstances, sending Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and her staff on a search for a killer who proves elusive and difficult to uncover.

When Cammie almost dies, was she the intended victim? Or was the killer targeting someone close to her instead? Fast paced and suspenseful, return to Twin Ponds, Maine where winters are long, summers are short, and murder stalks its streets, seeking revenge for a crime that could destroy Cammie’s whole world. 


What is the price of perfection?

Dr. Samuel “Doc” Westerfield comes from a family obsessed with perfection. When his cherished aunt is murdered, he and Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth begin a journey that takes them into the very heart of Boston’s wealthy society.

As they search to discover what could have happened to his aunt, Doc is forced to confront his own dark secrets that he has kept carefully hidden away over the years. Is he willing to reveal those in order to find her killer? Or, will the need for perfection force Doc to keep buried the truth about his family, his aunt, and more importantly, about himself?


During the construction of a new hotel, a skeleton is unearthed and all fingers point to Twin Ponds’ Mayor. Ten years before, Bill Barnes and George Peabody waged a vicious battle to be elected mayor. Did a campaign that threatened to destroy his reputation push Bill to do the unthinkable and murder his rival? Or did George’s wife, Bill’s lover for over a decade, kill her husband? Are they both responsible?


As Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and her staff delve into the 10 year old homicide, they uncover secrets better left hidden. Especially when those secrets cause the murder of another, whose death at first appears unrelated. However, as each layer is peeled back, the newest victim’s secrets reveal a conspiracy of lies, deceit and duplicity that leave this small town wondering if Twin Ponds will ever be the same


Avid birdwatcher Poppie Beresford came to Twin Ponds to find a rare white crow seen in the surrounding forest. What she found instead was death.

As Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth begins to slowly peel away the lies and misinformation the reclusive woman deliberately surrounded herself with, her discoveries lead her down an unexpected path that will shatter her beliefs about her parents, herself and the world she thought she knew.



Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and her boyfriend Jace Northcott have travelled to the remote and, some say, cursed Coffin Islands off the coast of Maine to recover from the trauma of her last investigation.  There, she unwittingly stumbles onto a murder that reaches back decades.

Violet Munson has come to the Coffin Islands for the last time.  Trying to pack up the vacation home befoe she puts it on the market, she slowly realizes there is an evil within its walls she cannot escape.  When she uncovers a horrifying secret from her family's past, her life is in danger from forces she cannot see, much less understand.

Meanwhile, back in Twin Ponds, Deputy Rick Belleveau and Emmy Madachuck must uncover the identity of a skeleton that may finally unravel a mystery that has haunted the small town for over sixty years.  Yet someone doesn't want the truth revealed and will do whatever it takes to stop Rick and Emmy from uncovering the past and the secrets buried there.

Mystery - Book 7

Peace on Earth ~ Goodwill to All. At least that’s what Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth is hoping for as she prepares to spend the holidays with her boyfriend’s parents. Who hate her. However, it isn’t long before she realizes something more is going on in the Northcott household that has nothing to do with their dislike of her. Furtive whispers and strained silences give way to panic when a body is found under the town Christmas tree and Harold Northcott becomes the prime suspect. Can Harold set aside his differences and allow Cammie to help him? Will she be able to unravel the complicated past of a man who loathes her before it’s too late?


After attending a law enforcement conference in Alaska, Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and Dr. Samuel Westerfield decide to spend a few extra days enjoying the beauty of Denali National Park. Their vacation is shattered when a woman is poisoned to death at the lodge where they’re staying. Their situation grows worse when a sudden, unexpected blizzard hits that not only knocks out all communication, but snows them in with a murderer. With escape impossible, Cammie and Doc must do their best to uncover the killer before they strike again.

Meanwhile back in Twin Ponds, Maine, Deputy Sheriff Rick Belleveau and Cammie’s fiancé Jace Northcott are confronted by Cammie’s past when her husband suddenly shows up. Believed to have died in a fiery car crash sixteen years before, Harlan Barrow is very much alive and demanding to once again be part of Cammie’s life. With trouble brewing between Harlan and Jace, Rick and police dispatcher/receptionist Emmy Madachuck must race to discover why Harlan is back, and uncover what exactly happened the night he died. for creating page titles with impact.


During a walk in the woods to find the settlement of the original witches of Salem, MA who, legend says, founded Twin Ponds back in 1692, a young couple uncover more than they bargained for. In a derelict cabin, they stumble upon the dead body of a man, tied spread eagle on a table, covered in blood.


Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and her team immediately begin their investigation. It isn’t long before they discover the deceased was an investigative journalist. But questions quickly arise. What was he doing in Twin Ponds? What kind of story would bring a man like that to such a small, remote town? And was the story he was pursuing responsible for his death?


More importantly, are the legends about the original founders of Twin Ponds somehow linked to the journalist’s murder?


As the investigation intensifies, Cammie is suddenly pulled into events she cannot understand. Or fight against. She finds herself forced to make a choice. Is she willing to risk her life to catch the murderer? Worse, is she willing to jeopardize the lives of those she loves to bring justice to a dead man?

All photographs by Karen Ouellette