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The Ghost Seekers Paranormal Mysteries

Although this series is targeted for young adults, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. My co-writer J.S. Stephens and I have years of experience interacting with The Other Side, not only on our own, but as part of our own respective ghost hunting groups. As part of this series, we thought it would be fun to use some of our own adventures as a basis for the stories. And as an added bonus, we'll be including little how-to's, at the end of each book, on how to deal with, not only ghosties, but also how to navigate energy on a daily basis. So join Addison, Sasha, Levi and Razor as they explore the world of the paranormal. And be sure to let me know what you think. 



Sixteen year old Addison Monroe and her friends think they’ve hit the jackpot when they win a contest that will allow them to go on a televised ghost investigation with the nationally renowned TV paranormal investigative team, The Ghost Dudes. With cameras rolling, the two groups arrive at the infamous Meadowlark Asylum. Suddenly shut down nearly a half century before under mysterious circumstances, it’s become shrouded in stories and legends about the darkness, nicknamed Monster of the Asylum, that allegedly stalks its abandoned hallways. It isn’t long before Addison realizes something is terribly wrong.

What was advertised as a Halloween night TV special takes on a sinister note when, as her team’s reluctant psychic, she begins to see visions that show what really happened all those years ago. Visions that warn her they are all in danger. Things escalate when one of her teammates suddenly disappears while the others, including members of The Ghost Dudes, slowly come to the horrifying realization that the legends about Meadowlark Asylum may actually be true. And the Monster won’t rest until it claims another victim. This is Book 1 in The Ghost Seekers Paranormal Mystery series.

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With Christmas fast approaching, 16 year old Addison Monroe struggles to accept the fact that, despite her misgivings, she can no longer deny that she’s a gifted psychic. Just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, she suddenly finds her younger sister’s best friend Becca standing on the lawn outside her bedroom window.


A girl who died two years before.


As she struggles to understand what’s happening, Addison uncovers a dirt encrusted doll in Kylie’s bed – a doll that was placed in Becca’s coffin on the day she was buried. Gathering together her friends and Aunt Juliette, Addison’s mentor and another gifted psychic, they desperately race to find answers. Why is Becca back? What does she want?


And worse – what is this dark creature that is now stalking Addison and Kylie?

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So reads the sign at the entrance of a carnival that suddenly appears in the sleepy town of Millbrook, Massachusetts. Despite the ominous warning, Addison and her friends can’t wait to go. It isn’t long, however, before Addison realizes the warning isn’t just a publicity stunt.


When she and her friends experience terrifying nightmares after visiting the carnival, she knows something is terribly wrong. What is real? What isn’t? What is frightening them all? And who is the strange man stalking her among the rides and arcades?


Things take a dark turn when Levi’s father, Police Chief Ed Taylor suddenly disappears after visiting the carnival. As Addison and her friends try to unravel what is going on, they are confronted by a force older than time itself. An evil they have no idea how to fight against. An evil intent on making sure Addison never leaves the carnival ever again.


Santa Claws is Coming to Town - Book 4

It’s two weeks before Christmas, and Addison Monroe has suddenly received an invitation to visit her cousins at their remote farmhouse on a Vermont mountaintop. Having never been told of these cousins, she brings along her friends to help ease her shyness and awkwardness in meeting her new relatives. As soon as they arrive, however, it doesn’t take Addison’s growing psychic abilities to realize she’s made a huge mistake in agreeing to come. The farmhouse where they are to stay is falling apart. Worse, her two cousins are not only eccentric, but unnervingly strange. Her worries grow when she soon becomes aware of a figure in black watching her from the nearby woods. A figure that sets her psychic antenna on full alert.
When she and her friends go into the local town, they see dozens of missing person posters. Why are so many people disappearing in the surrounding mountains? Who or what is making them disappear? Is the figure in black responsible? Is he watching Addison because he’s picked her for his next victim?
It isn’t long before Addison discovers the real reason behind her invitation. It is a reason that goes back several generations. It is a reason that reveals a deadly family secret. A secret that can kill her beloved friends if she refuses to use her psychic gifts and embrace her destiny.

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