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 The Coffin Islands 

Paranormal Mysteries

The Man In The Snow - Book 1

Two hours from the mainland, in the fog shrouded Atlantic Ocean, lies the haunted Coffin Islands. For centuries, stories have abounded of the strange and inexplicable occurrences on these remote lands that have given rise to the belief they are cursed.

When a woman is found murdered under suspicious and baffling circumstances, newcomer Deputy Ellis Martin must deal, not only with the locals’ wariness towards anyone who isn’t a native islander, but with the terrifying possibility the killer may not be human.

This is Book 1 in the Coffin Islands Paranormal Mystery Series. 


Visions of Death - Book 2

Psychic medium Dara Clemons is Eagla Island’s misfit. Her gifts, handed down through generations, have always frightened the islanders, leading them to ostracize her while treating her with fear and suspicion. However, life for Dara turns deadly when she begins to dream of murders. Murders that are coming true.


When the mutilated body of Eagla’s most beautiful young woman is found in Watson Pond, Deputy Ellis Martin is called in to investigate. He is stunned by what he finds. Details of the murder perfectly match what Dara described to him just days before. Is she truly psychic? Or is something darker going on?


When two more young people disappear and are found dead, Ellis is thrown into a world he knows nothing about. A world that includes supernatural predictions, the unmasking of deeply held secrets, and the presence of an evil shadow that promises more death.

Visions of Death front cover4.jpg

The Doll from Hell - Book 3

Deputy Ellis Martin is looking forward to the Honor the Founders Weekend Celebration on Sarke Island, a festival commemorating the island’s colonial past. It is also the official start to the summer tourist season. This year the parade is honored to have a very special guest. Mitt Bradley is the last surviving descendent of the Bradley family, one of the original settlers of Sarke Island.

However, Ellis soon discovers there is a secret surrounding the Bradleys - a tale of revenge that stretches back centuries. Unwittingly caught in a horror that he cannot understand, much less defend against, Ellis desperately races to unravel the mystery of the Bradleys before the evil that has stalked the family reaches out and destroys him.

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