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The Dark North Trilogy
Featured on Radish


The Dark North Trilogy is a series of horror stories featuring paranormal investigator Max Tripp. Having once hosted a top rated ghost hunting series, Max is now called upon to use his skills to unravel the mysteries of those things that not only go bump in the night, but threaten those on both sides of the Veil. 

Season 1  - Isolation

Fifteen people have disappeared without a trace in the remote Yukon town of Isolation. 

Looking for a purpose since walking away from his successful TV show that explored the supernatural, Max Tripp arrives in Isolation, determined to uncover the reason behind the disappearances. A Native American woman, who will only give her name as Aliana, mysteriously appears and offers to help him in his quest to solve what is happening. At first, Max believes a serial killer is at work. But soon, a series of horrifying encounters has him reconsidering. 

What is stalking the town of Yukon? What is making people disappear so completely? And what part does the enigmatic Aliana play in all of this? Does she truly want to help her town? Or is there another, darker reason she has teamed up with Max? 

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Season 2 - Desolation

Max Tripp is invited to an ancient English manor house to uncover the reasons behind the sudden attacks on its guests by a violent ghost. Built in the 1200s, Blasee Hall holds many secrets within its thick walls. 

Can Max unravel these secrets before he too is attacked? Can he hold up against a ghost hellbent on assaulting the Hall's visitors? Does the specter want his help?

Or is it playing with him?

Max has only one week-end to find out. 

Although this isn't technically part of the Dark North Trilogy, I've created another Max Tripp story that I hope to expand into another series:



Max Tripp, renowned paranormal investigator, has come to Radley, Massachusetts to investigate a 300 year-old curse that has plagued the town since the 1690s. With one more episode to film for his Halloween special, he hopes the town will deliver on its ghostly past. It ends up exceeding his expectations. With the help of Tess Quinlan, a resident of the town, he uncovers an over 300-year-old tragedy that has hung over Radley. Every twenty years, a young person dies in mysterious circumstances. Although no one will speak about it, Tess and Max are convinced it stems from the horrific execution of a woman who was accused of being a witch and was hung in 1692. Research reveals that, unlike the infamous Salem Witch Trials, Martha Prowler truly was a witch. Has her vengeance transcended time? Is she responsible for taking the life of an innocent victim every twenty years? In an effort to help her angry spirit, something worse has been unleashed. Something that has the potential to destroy Radley and the surrounding towns. Can Max and Tess save the town? Or will they die trying?

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Randy Gallo has always been the kind of guy who never backs down. When a friend admits to being terrorized in the forest by something unseen, Randy is scornful. On a dare to prove his friend is a liar, Randy sets out to spend two nights at the same campsite in a remote part of the Maine wilderness. Strange things begin to happen that test, not only Randy's courage, but his sanity. It isn't long before he realizes the biggest mistake her ever made was going into the woods. 

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There is nothing Gwen Stuyvesant wants more than to spend a romantic weekend with her husband.  Newly reconciled after three months apart, they find a beautiful inn in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire and immediately book  a room. As soon as they arrive, in the midst of a violent rainstorm, Gwen begins to feel uneasy. She is plagued by strange dreams, a nervousness she can't control and a sense that all is not as it should be. When a tragic death occurs, Gwen wants nothing more than to leave. But downed trees and flooding black the road, trapping her at the inn. With her fear escalating, Gwen is forced to confront several truths about her life and her future - the most important one being - will she survive The Green Valley Inn? 

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